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Category: Zentrepreneur

Why Startup Mentoring Is Broken (And How To Choose The Right Mentor)

Current models of so-called mentors advising startups is broken in many ways. Here’s a look at a framework to choose the right mentor for your startup

If you are not passionate about it, you can’t get very far

If you aren’t passionate, even being good at your work will not get you very far. Truly magical creations require something else altogether

There’s no startup like ours…

Every entrepreneur believes that her startup is completely unique and peerless. Sure, this is important to believe – but what problems will it cause?

If what you measure drives your team…

Choosing the right metric to track can have a long term impact on how your team behaves and what it strives to achieve. See how to find and track things that matter

Dependency as a subconscious defence

How many times have you felt that you’d have been successful, if only you had a key enabler. Do you know why we feel so? And how to avoid falling into the ‘dependency trap’?

Begin Again: Entrepreneurship lessons from an offbeat musical

(This post first appeared on here) I had the opportunity to watch a quirky, offbeat little film called “Begin Again” last week. Set in New York, this film stayed on in my head – the soundtrack was haunting and eminently hummable, the acting by Mark “The Hulk” Ruffalo and Keira Knightley was top notch, […]

The myth of multitasking – how it dumbs you down

(This article first appeared on here) “If you chase two rabbits… You will not catch either one” –          Russian Proverb Have you ever felt pumped up by the end of a work day that you worked on multiple things at the same time and checked off many things on your to-do list, only to […]

What can entrepreneurs learn from Mandela’s ‘Long Walk To Freedom’

(This article first appeared here) Nelson Mandela has left a lasting legacy of peace, harmony and equality in South Africa, and indeed, left an indelible mark on world history. In an amazing example of life coming full circle, the movie ‘Long Walk To Freedom’ based on Nelson Mandela’s autobiography of the same name was released […]

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